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In Malawi, food security is the number one issue facing it's people. 90% of the people are involved in agriculture, mostly subsistence farming. The people have and are suffering from lack of food due to drought, pests, floods, and more. Our feeding centers provide a balanced meal per day, complete with protein, vegetables, and either rice or nsima (maize). Our feeding centers are also open to any children who are hungry. We do not turn anyone away.


IMAGINE: Education 

In a country that mainly relies on subsistence farming, education is imperative to improving the lives of the children. Malawi has free education up to 8th grade, but secondary school (high school) and beyond are too expensive for the majority of Malawians to afford. Imagine Africa pays the tuition for more than 75 of these students, with many more to come! Our first secondary school graduates were in 2017. In 2018, 14 students graduated from secondary school and 4 are now at University!


IMAGINE: Medical Access 

Imagine Africa provides transport to and from local clinics and hospitals to villagers in Namakoma, Nangoma, and Chizula. The nearest hospital is 8 miles away. Lack of transportation and funds for transport is no longer a life threatening issue in these villages!

400 Kids Coming to Chizula Feeding Center


Opening Day: Namakoma Feeding Center

Food Preparation

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